Employee Benefits

Building fringe benefits

Employees are at the heart of every organization.

Our team of experts in Employee Benefits advise clients on the coverage of mandatory policies such as Group Life, Disability and Health Insurance both locally and internationally. We analyse our clients’ policies to ensure that adequate levels of cover are in place and we develop tailor-made policies for clients operating in different industries. With optimal employee welfare comes optimal productivity and output. Employee benefits insurances such as Group Life (which is mandatory by law), do not have to be cumbersome.

Our work includes:

Group Life: Providing continuity for employees and assurance for their loved ones. Group Life Insurance is an annual renewable group term assurance policy that provides cover for employees or members of an association. 

Group Personal Accident: Group Personal Accident Insurance provides cover for bodily injuries caused solely and directly by accidental, violent, external, and visible means where injury has solely and independently resulted in death or disablement.

Health Insurance: Health Insurance helps to cover medical expenses for individuals, families, or a group of individuals. You want to ensure that you and your family have access to the best and affordable medical treatment in case of an illness. Health insurance protects against the sudden cost that arise with medical expenses. Our approach to health risk management is flexible and considers all income brackets. Our cover includes Inpatients and Outpatients

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