Marine Insurance

Cargo and Hull Secured

Our marine insurance solutions cover both the global transport risks of companies and the cargo liability of carriers.

With our understanding of the uncertainties that come with transporting goods and merchandise overseas, by air or land, from port to final destinations. With our qualified and experienced underwriters and risk managers, we are able to develop and offer suitable marine insurance solutions that meet the individual marine insurance needs and the respective marine risk.

Our tailor-made coverages include:

Marine Hull and Machinery coverage - This policy covers vessels or fleets against damages that might occur to the vessel itself or machinery on the vessel while in transit.

Protection and Indemnity Insurance - This policy protects vessel owners and operators against physical injuries, illness, death claims from crew/passengers, other third party and environmental damages like oil spills and pollution.

Marine Cargo Insurance (Stock Through put Insurance) - This cover runs from the point of exportation of goods/ raw material to arrival at the destination port, through inland ground movement to the warehouse up until it gets to distributors and retailers.

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